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This is a video guide to help complete feedback on 2024-34 plan for Auckland Council budget and direction.  Must complete by Thursday 28th March midnight. 

The video guide below suggests option 3 which will stop the cuts and charge $250 a year for the average Auckland property or a coffee a week. 


BACKGROUND: Audio with overview of options and why option 3 is the best way to enable council to deliver existing services. 


Three options are offered and in summary they are:

Option 1: Pay less get less – Cuts to services & low rates – (comment: Do not support)

Option 2: Central Proposal or Cuts to services  – The Mayors Central Proposal suggests selling off Airport shares, lease the port of Auckland for 35 years and reduction in services.  Asset sales go into a an emergency fund for future use. (Comment: Do not support)

Option 3: Pay more get more.  Keeps what we have and adds a bit more for climate resilience and transportation.  This needs a rates rise of approximately 250 per year (Comment: Yes support)

Below are 2 videos to guide your form filling process.  Video 1 is an audio of the 3 options video to follow if you are wanting to ensure council continues to provide at least the existing services.

Note in the options in the feedback form there is no option to increase services.  Option 1 and Option 2 both demand cuts and Option 3 is to stay the same and to reinstate environmental targets and required actions to make these happen.

Option 3 requires a rates increase of $250 per year or a cup of coffee per week for the average property in Auckland.



Note Community Groups can complete forms as a group.  So if you run a community group you can submit one as your group and another as yourself.

Date 7th October 2023

Have your say at a regional or local board level.  

Below is information will help you have your say at different levels of the political process from: how to vote; how to get informed on political happenings.

Have your say at the regional or local board level:

Date: 10th March 2023

It’s important to have your say on the Auckland Council 2024-34 Budget you can do this until 11pm 28th March 2024.  

The proposed budget will negatively impact the well being of communities and the environment in both the short term, and in the long term.  It makes enormous cuts to essential services and community groups, community events and creative initiatives which cannot be undone.    There is so much at stake so choose a template reflecting your views to have your say:

There are 3 ways to have your say

Option 1: Give feedback online

Go directly to the Auckland Council website and you may use our feedback form guide.  (If the form doesn’t load properly please reload / refresh the page)

Step 2: Choose the guide from below which most aligns with your views

Quickest guide and saying “STOP ALL CUTS”  – takes less than 5 mins – get your friends and have a submission party!   

This guide concedes 40 million in cuts to council operations – and offers a voice which focus’s on protecting the most vulnerable, and building local resilience through community and environmental projects.   

Communities Coalition against Cuts guide rejects all the cuts and has a strong voice focused on community resilience and well being, climate change action and protecting the environment.  The groups come from many sectors of society from immigrants to climate change activists and students.  This includes: Fridays For Future (7 groups) more to come. 

Option 2: Complete the paper version of the form

You can print it here   Or you can pick up a form from a Library. Make your your form is clearly written. To return the completed form either:

Deliver in person to your local library or council offices OR

Post by Freepost (no stamp required) to: AK Have Your Say, Auckland Council Freepost Authority 182382, Private Bag 92 300, Auckland 1142. Allow at least five business days if posting to allow for delays.  

Email: scan and email your paper form to akhaveyoursay@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Option 3: Join one of the feedback events being held across Auckland during March:

  • At 165 Stoddard Road Mount Roskill at 12:30-2pm Saturday 11th, Tuesday 14th, Saturday 18th, Tuesday 21st, or Saturday 25th. Community-minded people will be there to answer questions and help you complete the form.
  •  At Gribblehirst Hub, Sandringham. 5 Cabbage Tree Swamp Drive, Sandringham (south of the Football fields – there is usually lots of parking) on Tuesday 21st March 6:30pm. Christina Roberston, an Albert-Eden local board member, is attending for Q&A’s. There will be forms, laptops and people there to help you. Facebook event here
  • Other events across Auckland where there will be for support for giving feedback are listed on the Auckland Council website
  • Central suburbs council events on the Auckland Council website

More resources

  • Forest and bird submission guide here
  • A Better Budget for Auckland suggests more debt.  View their position here.
  • a good summary of the proposed cuts here
  • the Green Party submission guide here
  • a Council summary of budget cuts here and (for the brave)
  • the full 108 page Council consultation document here – referred to in the feedback form.

For a media perspective


Impact of the budget on communities