Uncovering business systems and structures which have positive impacts

Better business

We need better ways of doing business.  Ideally these would be regenerative which balances societies needs while restoring the integrity of nature.  This requires whole system design where product life cycles are transparent and companies who take care  their employees and the environment is the norm.  Below are effective new approaches which lead the way on how to do things better. 

B Corp

B Corp is an international accreditation process where businesses are guided into better practises and consumers can make purchasing decisions knowing they are spend consciously.  there are nearly 50 in New Zealand including some big names like KiwiBank.  Here in Aotearoa we have our own expert who will share more about B Corp and how to become involved. 

Donut Economics

Governence structures



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Societies structures

Kate Raworth donut economics rethinking the economy.

Its an involved process becoming a B Corp.

Tedx Talk about timebanking