Finding solutions requires us to work together, with better systems for the benefit of everyone and the environment.

Doing things differently


At an individual level, this calls for us to redefine our own priorities.  If we can support others perhaps we can give more, to be generous and encourage others to do the same.   To ask for and offer help and journey together on a better path.  Each of us can make small steps to strengthen connections in our neighbourhoood. 


At a community level, it calls for us to reverse the trend of isolation, and create bonds between people, families and neighbourhoods which generate identity and pride in how we look after each other. 


At a national level, it calls for us to redefine what our economy is for. To ask ourselves how we see success and failure as a nation, not as a function of how well our wealthiest and most powerful are doing, but how our poorest and most vulnerable are getting on.


At a global level, it calls for humanity to focus on what is best for our collective future. To stop exploiting the planet and each other in the name of maximising corporate profits. To see ideas and innovation as part of the common wealth, built on the collective skill and effort of our species, not as property to be jealously guarded and controlled to ensure the enrichment of the few at the expense of the many.


Solutions for

Well being

Having well being means understanding and caring for our needs which arise from being human.  It means loving our own journey and finding expression and joy and a sense of belonging.   It means balancing care for self while supporting those around us.


Governance and business

There are new structures being developed in many sectors of the economy which redress the unfairness inherent in our business structures.  Governance and business structures which offer new ways of making decisions, where there are better incentives and where we work collaboratively.   So in daily life as we go about our lives effort is rewarded, the well-being of people is important  and where the environment is protected.


When we communicate it is an opportunity to be respectful and create a positive experience for another person, it a chance to listen and understand a different point of view, it is a way to find commonality and make a connection. 

NVC or non-violent communication is a way to build connection with ourselves and those around us.  It is a tool which can be used in schools, work places or in interpersonal relationships. 

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Creating a plan and putting it into action involves: knowing where you are going, adopting the right tools, finding support along the way.

Tips, tools and strategies

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