Here are research papers, websites and podcasts focused on ideas and projects around grassroots or community based initiatives. 

International inspiration






Individually we can:


Getting Involved: Put your time, effort, and money into projects that really matter.

Joining Local Groups: Hang out with other folks who care about the same stuff you do. Share ideas and learn from each other.

Helping Each Other Out: Be nice! Share what you can and help others when they need it.

Speaking Up: Do something small but important, like writing letters or going to protests, to push for the changes you want to see.



Communities help connect us to our environment and give us a sense of belonging.  When we connect to our community  it helps reverse the trend of isolation, and create bonds between people, families and neighbourhoods which generate identity and pride in how we look after each other.  Participate in community projects which are meaningful to you and also contributes to build solutions.


At a national level, it calls for government, organisations and businesses to orientate towards and develop better systems and projects which benefit everyone.   We need to assess our society not by well our wealthiest and most powerful are doing, but how our poorest and most vulnerable are getting on. 


At a global level, it calls for humanity to focus on what is best for our collective future. To stop exploiting the planet and each other in the name of maximising corporate profits. To see ideas and innovation as part of the common wealth, built on the collective skill and effort of our species, not as property to be jealously guarded and controlled to ensure the enrichment of the few at the expense of the many.


Solutions for

Governance and business

Seeking out governance documents which incentivize collectivism and common good new structures will is essential to make any  meaningful impact to our current problems. 

Some solutions

B Corps

B Corps are the gold standard of certification for good ethical practices.  Its very difficult to meet their criteria for certification.



Timebanking is a way to share skills, goods and resources in a community where time is the currency.  All time is equally valued where 1 hour is equal to one time-credit for all skills in the timebank. Timebanking can be adapted to reflect the interests of the people involved.  Timebanking is a way to engage and support all the contributions made to society not just those valued in the market system.

Relevent videos

Grassroot ideas is community led solutions where people lead the change for the benefit of the community.