Promoting products with stories based on care for the people and the environment

Who we promote

Together We Can promotes products with ethical supply lines and sound employment practices.  We encourage transparency however we realise this is not how everyone likes to do business, so we share what we can around how these products ensure they support good practice.  There are accreditation certificates to ensure you know the businesses are good. We would like to see products seek formal accreditation however often the effort to meet requirements is too onerous. 

Products we currently offer


Preserved lemon chutney

This chutney matches well with all sorts of food from cheeses to and Indian meal.

Ethical certification – b corp

The gold standard for certification for ethical businesses is the B Corp.  B Corp came about in 2006 after one the co-founders of the movement, Jay Coen Gilbert realised the power of business to make an impact on the world.  Becoming certified is a long process and only the determined will meet the certification requirements.  Find out more >>