Together we can make the changes necessary to see us all do well.

It is in connection we thrive.  We share local and international experts, resources and tools to help each of us connect with self, nature, community and spirit.  It is only in connection do we find ourselves.   We are an Auckland based organisation. 


Our values

We are a values-driven network which supports and works with others who are similarly aligned. Our core values are –  sustainability, transparency, kindness, diversity and fairness. We see the path as a journey of conversations as we uncover ways to live these values and help others develop communities in action.

Timebanking in Auckland

A favourite community initiative we love is timebanking.

Timebanking is an adaptable system helping communties exchange skills and resources without the use of money.  Timebanking uses time as the currency where 1 hour equals one time-credit.   So people earn and spend time-credits exchanging skills and resources, where a person gives an hour of time and then can get an hour from another person.  These exchanges are recorded in the timebank. 

This simple idea has remarkable social benefits. It helps builds new friendships, confidence and skills, and often draws in people who traditionally can be hard to reach.

Our first project is setting up a timebank based out of the Mangere East Family Services Center .  MEFS invites people to join projects and be part of the center.  By working together lots gets done in the community. 

Timebanking offers a way for people to help each other by exchanging skills and resources.  When we help on a project or help a neighbour we earn time-credits. 

People earn time-credits by helping others and then they can ask for help at a later time.   Projects can be short lived or regular it is entirely up to the people who make it happen.  By engaging others to help in ways they projects get more quickly.

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