Together we can make the changes necessary to see us all do well.

It is in connection we thrive.  We share local and international experts, resources and tools to help each of us connect with self, nature, community and spirit.  We are an Auckland based organisation.


Our values

We are a values-driven network which supports and works with others who are similarly aligned. Our core values are –  sustainability, collaboration, kindness, diversity and fairness. We see the path as a journey of conversations as we uncover ways to live these values and help others develop communities in action.

Our mission

Connect people to experiences and opportunities to create more fulfilling lives.   Sharing knowledge, connections and empowering people to live harmoniously in their world

Who we are

We are passionate people about enabling people live happier more fulfilling lives.  We follow our values and welcome new friends to join us. 

What we do

This network helps connect people to groups, activities and information to empower each of us to live a life which brings joy and resilience into our life. 

Host events We host events to connect people to ideas about how to live life to the fullest.  We host online and in person events which are designed to inspire and guide you towards a more wonderful life.  Events topics could include Timebanking, Non-violent communication, finding happiness, communicating with compassion, finding balance in your life, and how to achieve your purpose, learning to ask for help and many more. 

Share events, activities and discuss ideas which help meet our values.

Our current focus

We are currently focused on 2 things. 

Launching TWC: We are in a launch phase of this network and inviting people to join us at our events. 

We host a Monday Night evening in Sandringham gHub.  These evenings cover topics like finding happiness, finding balance in your life, and how to achieve your purpose, timebanking, Non-violent communication. 

Launching Timebank Māngere: We are focused on developing Timebank Mangere and Timebank Central Auckland. 



Become involved

Monday meetups: We host an event every Monday at Gribblehirst Hub in Sandringham.  There could be a guest speaker, a shared dinner or a working evening to build the network. 

Share your gifts.  Do you offer events or activities which bring about well being?  You can come and share what you do to bring joy and well being into lives.  This could be you teach gardening or you teach yoga.  Perhaps you sell Eco products.  This evening can give you a chance to connect with people who are looking for ways to enrich their lives. 

Or you can tell us what you offer and we can list you in this directory. 


Timebanking in Auckland

A favourite community initiative we love is timebanking.

Timebanking is an adaptable system helping communties exchange skills and resources without the use of money.  Timebanking uses time as the currency where 1 hour equals one time-credit.   So people earn and spend time-credits exchanging skills and resources, where a person gives an hour of time and then can get an hour from another person.  These exchanges are recorded in the timebank.

This simple idea has remarkable social benefits. It helps builds new friendships, confidence and skills, and often draws in people who traditionally can be hard to reach.  People earn time-credits by helping others or volunteering in the community then they store them in the timebank to be spent them when they are ready on other skills and resources available in the timebank.  

We are setting up a timebank based out of ME Family Services in Māngere. MEFS is a community focused centre supporting schools, community groups and locals in a range of ways. 


Get in Touch

We are just setting up our email protection system.  Once done you will be able to contact us. 

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