Broken system overview

Capitalism does what it says on the tin: it overlays structures throughout society that, like gravity, pull wealth and resources toward those who already have them. It serves up food that makes us sick, pushing us into a healthcare system reliant on medication and creating medical dependency. We are demanded to work beyond our capacity with few protections for our well-being. Our work environments can make us sick, and hard work is no longer creates social mobility.  Insecurity is everywhere, as we are indebt to banks, we float untethered and ungrounded in falling system touting the benefits of individualism.  We sooth our struggles in addictions and cheap thrills and see the ground not meeting our human needs.  Hope for many is extinguished.   And then we are judged so harshly for failures to function in such a rigged system.

International experts

Capitalism overlays structures throughout society that, like gravity, pull wealth and resources toward those who already have them. Creating alternative systems will require determination, as these structures resist change and threaten those who benefit from them.

Our current path of late-stage capitalism leads us toward feudal corporatism, where asset managers increasingly take over roles traditionally managed by governments, such as providing services and building infrastructure. This shift exacerbates wealth disparity and worsens social inequality.

How we got here:


And where NZ is heading

From health and education to social services and infrastructure, asset managers are poised to take over these government systems. This shift paves the way for neo-feudalism to become our next societal structure. Governments will pay companies like BlackRock and Blackstone to build roads and social housing. In turn, New Zealanders will be charged to use these roads and live in these houses, making our new overlords figures like Jeff Bezos and Larry Fink.






Videos and podcasts

Experts on how free market capitalism has led to the inequality, the poor social outcomes and housing insecurity.

Grace Blakeley economist,  author and media commentor in the UK is an awesome listen.  In this video Grace shares how the 1% got be so wealthy and how the rest of us have fewer options become enslaved by the system.

Follow this podcast by Ben xxx for an indepth understsanding of how corporations are taking over the role of government in everything from housing to infrastructure and even prisons.  Unfortunately this means they will own and operate countries instead of governments and we the people have new corporate feudal overlords. 

Owen Jones is a passionate English independent journalist who has a focus on human rights, justice and politics.  He pumps out so much information its pretty astounding.

Brett Christopher professor based in Sweeden is an expert in assett managers with a particular focus on housing.  He will share where the current free market policies are taking us. 

Experts on how our economy is failing most people.

Grassroot ideas is community led solutions where people lead the change for the benefit of the community.