About TWC

Our team

Gina Holden

Director of Technology

A quick overview

Our values

We are a values-driven network which supports and works with others who are similarly aligned. Our core values are – sustainability, collaboration, kindness, diversity and fairness. We see the path as a journey of conversations as we uncover ways to live these values and help others develop communities in action.

Our mission

Connect people to support, experiences and opportunities to empower them to create more fulfilling lives. 

Our current focus

We are are currently focused on:

  • inviting people to non-violent communication introductions; 
  • building Timebanking across Auckland;
  • working with people doing good work to support them meet their goals.  Please connect if you would like to work with us in these early days.

What we do

This network helps connect people to groups, activities and information to empower each of us to live a joyful and fulfilling life.  We get together for fun, support and to collaborate on projects. 

TWC offers to small and community projects who do “good work”:  

  • affordable websites;
  • help to connect people, supporters to your offerings;
  • help to grow your volunteer base through timebanking;
  • Share your project with our network. 

Join us

Starting in 2023 we will have regular events at Gribblehirst Hub www.ghub.nz in Sandringham. 

If you are on Facebook view our events here .  We will list event on this website in the coming months.