Together we can make the changes necessary to see us all do well.


To create change requires a different approach where we adopt better systems, work collaboratively, create healthy ways of being and communicate in a way which builds connection.  We will share offerings which we believe can be part of the solution.

Some solutions

B Corps

B Corps are the gold standard of certification for good ethical practices.  Its very difficult to meet their criteria for certification.



Timebanking is a way to share skills, goods and resources in a community where time is the currency.  All time is equally valued where 1 hour is equal to one time-credit for all skills in the timebank. Timebanking can be adapted to reflect the interests of the people involved.  Timebanking is a way to engage and support all the contributions made to society not just those valued in the market system. 

Non-violent communication

NVC encourages communication without judgement and evaluation and seeks to build connection through empathy and understanding.

Connect to community

We thrive on connection, it is essential for well-being.  Connection to community, to nature, to self and so we share what is on offer in local community groups which can support our wellbeing.  If you are part of a community group and would like more people involved please let us know.

Are you a not-for-profit or a small business who is contributing to the well being of people or the environment?  We offer special website prices to people who do good work. 

Our Friends